Protecting your Valuable Assets

Protecting your Valuable Assets

Services for Individual Property Owners

At Hadar Inc, we understand that your property investments are your legacy. The management of the legal aspects of these assets can be complicated and overwhelming, particularly when tenant or rent collection difficulties arise.

The property world has been drastically impacted by the ripple effects of Covid-19. With rampant cost-cutting and loss of income, rental defaults are on the rise, causing institutional and private property owners alike to explore their legal property rights. At the same time, the slump in both property values and interest rates make this a ripe buyer’s market. This time-sensitive opportunity requires legal experts that can overcome inherent system delays to ensure swift and robust property transfers.

We pride ourselves on providing expert guidance and counsel for all your property legal requirements, acting quickly, affordably, and efficiently to find optimal solutions that optimise the value of your asset.

Our Services

Rental Collections

Negotiating, demanding and recovering rental arrears for property owners with or without the need for formal legal action.

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Tenant Evictions

Instituting Court applications for the evictions of residential tenants on the property owner’s behalf.

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Property-Related Litigation/Arbitration

Providing opinions/advice on and instituting Court actions/arbitrations in respect of contractual or other disputes pertaining to lease agreements or any other contracts and the relationship between landlord and tenant.

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Providing a personal, efficient, turnkey service from Offer to Purchase, registration of transfer of property, and refund of rates.

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How to Resolve Incorrect Municipal Bills

How to Resolve Incorrect Municipal Bills

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