Protecting your Valuable Assets

Protecting your Valuable Assets

Rental Collections

At the core of protecting and maximizing the value of a property asset lies the management of tenants and, in particular, the consistent collection of rental.

There are a number of methods available to effectively manage tenants and to collect rental – including negotiation, mediation and, when necessary, instituting legal action.

Negotiating and mediating is a win-win for both landlords and tenants insofar as it removes acrimony and facilitates a collaborative effort for a mutually beneficial result – all without the angst and costs of legal action for both sides.

That said, when there is clearly no viable option but to proceed with legal action for the payment of arrear rental, the legal process must be efficient and technically accurate. This means using a Property Law specialist with experience and the skillset required to protect the landlord’s rights. Doing so ensures that the landlord’s position is not compromised and that his or her rights are not diminished due to technical issues with the legal paperwork or inefficiencies with the legal processes.

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Tenant Evictions

Considered one of the most technically difficult areas of Property Law, evicting tenants, in particular residential tenants, is a specialised legal service.

The existence of the Consumer Protection Act, Rental Housing Act, Constitution and, most relevantly, Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act (PIE Act) makes engaging with a Property Law specialist paramount to understanding your rights as a landlord. At Hadar Incorporated, we ensure that the correct processes are followed to successfully obtain an Eviction Order against a non-paying or problematic tenant.

There are numerous pitfalls in eviction proceedings, all of which can cost you both time and money. These can be avoided however by engaging with the leading specialists in evictions, who have deep understanding and experience in the processes involved.

Our team’s maxim for evictions is that it’s a question of when, not if. We have absolute conviction in our expertise and will follow due process to ensure the successful granting of an Eviction Order and the subsequent eviction of a problematic tenant.

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Property-Related Arbitration and Litigation

Not all landlord issues are limited to rental collections or evictions.

Landlords face a multitude of contractual and other disputes with tenants, third parties, neighbours, municipalities, contractors and the like. These altercations require an expert Property Lawyer to provide advice or a best-practice roadmap for the legal resolution of these issues through a litigation process and, where applicable, arbitration.

The Hadar Incorporated team is best placed to offer sound advice and counsel to any landlord who requires assistance in protecting a property asset against a dispute or issue.

Engage with us to obtain general advice on owning or managing a property asset.

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Conveyancing is the process of transferring a property from a seller to the purchaser.

Entrust Hadar Incorporated to provide you with personalised, expert service when buying or selling a property. We pride ourselves on regular, helpful communication and assisting our clients throughout each step of the conveyancing process. We understand the time sensitivity of this process and will update you throughout the journey of selling or purchasing a home.

Ensuring the ultimate efficiency, all transfers are personally handled by our expert Conveyancer, eliminating unnecessary delays and frustration. Our benchmark of success is facilitating a rapid transfer process that benefits both the seller and purchaser.

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