Maximising Value from Property Assets

Maximising Value from Property Assets

Services for Corporate Clients

At Hadar Inc, we act for corporate property owners and managers ranging from the largest REITS to boutique real estate companies and small-to-medium property funds.

With decades of honed expertise in the field of property law, we are expertly positioned to manage the legal demands of companies’ property assets. We specialise in all facets of commercial property transactions, tenant management and dispute resolution, guided by an overarching intent to protect our clients’ asset value.

We also act as strategic advisors to our clients, providing legal counsel pertaining to the purchase and sale of property assets, tenant relationship management as well as development opportunities.

Our Services

Rental Collections

Negotiating, demanding, and recovering rental arrears for property owners with or without the need for formal legal action.

Commercial/Retail/Industrial Evictions

Instituting Court applications for the evictions of commercial/retail/industrial tenants on the property owner’s behalf.

Property-Related Litigation/Arbitration

Providing opinions/advice on and instituting Court actions/arbitrations in respect of contractual or other disputes pertaining to lease agreements or any other agreements and the relationship between landlord and tenant.

Strategic Consulting

Providing insight, opinion and advice on property transactions, litigation/arbitration and issues between landlords and tenants.


Providing a personal, efficient, turnkey service from Offer to Purchase, registration of transfer of property and refund of rates.

Contractual Drafting

Drafting numerous forms of contracts pertaining to property transactions and the relationship between landlords and tenants, managing agents, estate agents, and the like.

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