Law Firm 2.0

written by Liad Hadar – Director

Law – one of the oldest and most noble of professions. How has it evolved with the times?

When one considers the very origins of the legal profession– its initial purpose was for a good orator to plead a case on a “friend’s” behalf. This should not have changed. In ancient Greece, the first lawyers were prohibited from taking a fee for helping others. This certainly has changed.

Hadar Incorporated is a paradox.

On the one hand, it is the law firm of the future, constantly seeking to better a laggard industry. On the other hand, it deeply respects the traditions and core value of what the profession offers – a good orator to professionally and ardently plead a case on behalf of a friend.

We see ourselves, first and foremost, as a team, a legion of outstanding specialised attorneys (and attorneys in training), who are trusted advisors to those friends who need us – our clients.

In essence, we have formed our own set of core values, incorporating the traditional lawyer’s role and intentionally developing it into something modern. Being a professional business, we charge. We do this within the founding principles of our firm – adding value, not hours.

As a professional, would you charge your friends for advice? Mostly, yes. Would you overcharge your friends for advice? Never.

Add value, help friends.

Paperless, slick, colourful, technologically advanced are all nice touches within the firm. Professional, caring, connected, committed and driven by a relentless, strong desire to win – critical.

We have punched above our weight since inception and will continue to do so, regardless of which increasingly higher weight divisions we enter. Why? Because good friendships build great friendships.

Clients that feel that we have their best interests at heart and have taken great care of them, through our words and actions, happily refer us to their friends, colleagues, competitors.

There is more than enough energy and commitment to be offered to all. The moment that we feel that we are close to capacity – we add to the team (on condition of acceptance of our core values as touched on above)!

The days of the “pyramid” structure for law firms should be truly over – the bottom feeding the top, unfulfilled, over-worked, disconnected and disheartened team members.

The days of the “flat organization” structure ought to be the norm – empowering environments, equality for all genders, races and religions, accountability, shared decision making, respect for systems and processes – not directors’ hierarchies and egos.

It is time for a new age of lawyers to go back to the very roots of the legal profession – simply, plead a case on behalf of a friend.

Hadar Incorporated – Law Firm 2.0