A Note on our Corporate Values

By Liad Hadar – Director

Our values guide everything we do at Hadar Incorporated. They’re so important to us that we consulted brand development, human capital management and corporate culture experts to engage with our team on this subject. They helped us to create a corporate value-set that is authentic, actionable and holds us accountable.

We make these values public in the hope that our clients, partners and members of the legal industry will recognise these principles we prize above all others, and emulate the behaviours we are committed to upholding in our personal and professional capacities.

Hadar Inc’s Values Set


Take responsibility for your duties, own your mistakes and find solutions to problems

At Hadar Inc, the value of accountability equates to ownership. Ownership of our duties, ownership of our errors and ownership of their resolution. We acknowledge when we’ve dropped the ball, readily apologising and taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue, and proactively prevent its reoccurrence.

Accountability requires honesty with oneself, one’s teammates and clients. Here there is no passing the buck, no excuse-making and no shaming. We’ve cultivated an environment of acceptance, learning and responsibility; this is where accountability thrives.


Share information openly and honestly to foster easy and shared understanding

At Hadar Inc, our office walls are literally made of glass. We don’t keep secrets and we don’t skirt around the truth. We feel safe enough to be vulnerable, acknowledging when our plates are too full and when we need help.

We set and manage clients’ expectations realistically and fairly. We communicate openly with one another, ensuring shared understanding of our workloads, shared learning from our failures and shared celebration of our successes.


Unwavering commitment to the highest possible quality of work, service and solutions

To us, the value of excellence means giving of our best at all times. It requires intention and purpose in our actions, rather than merely going through the motions. Excellence is unique to each of our roles, but uniform in our consistently high calibre of output and service.

We aspire to set the benchmark of excellence not just for our own sense of pride but for our clients, our partners, our opponents and our industry. We instil this value through our internally high standards and the regular training provided to reach them. We pride ourselves on excellence in everything we do – from the smallest formatting nuances to the quality of our coffee, to our application of the law, and the brilliance of our solutions.


We treat everyone with an equal level of respect, and do not condone any unjust or prejudicial treatment of any person, in or out of our care.

We’re privileged to have a multi-cultural, diverse team of talented men and women. We celebrate and learn from our differences, benefiting from the wide range of perspectives and experiences instilled in our diversity. We firmly believe that there is no hierarchy in humanity.

We don’t merely look down on the act of judging, belittling or discriminating against others, we take action in the event that this occurs. We’re not expected to be quiet in our discomfort or pain; this is a safe space to raise and resolve any issue of a discriminatory nature. Our boundaries are clearly, respectfully but firmly set and we do not extend our services or our doors to anyone who does not align with these.


We consider ourselves, our teammates, our clients and partners worthy of high regard

This is a place where we are taught to value ourselves, to own our worth and to pursue both our professional and personal aspirations. In spite of the pressures of our industry, we treat one another with kindness always. We don’t compete or take credit for another’s work. We critique fairly and gently.

We respect our clients’ intelligence, time and money, ensuring that we pursue the best possible solutions, rather than the highest possible fees. We show equally high levels of respect to opposing counsel and their clients, recognising the importance of our reputation, and because we’re fundamentally good people. We believe ourselves worthy of similar treatment and look to partner with people who respect us for our skillsets, knowledge and integrity.